At Massive Bio, we understand your diagnosis is unique and because of that we must battle your cancer strategically and smarter—together.

You and your cancer aren’t just a statistic. You are unique...but you are not alone. We are here to help.

Think of us as your cancer liaisons. We’re equipping you with the best arsenal available, anywhere in the world: physicians, advanced diagnostic testing, clinical trials, and treatment plans from the most prestigious cancer institutions in the world. We are your team, committed to your health, navigating this journey with you to beat whatever kind of cancer you’ve got. We are here every step of the way, championing for you.

With love and devotion, we go to war with you to beat cancer.

Right now, 85% of cancer patients are treated by general oncologists at their community hospitals, the majority of which do not specialize in your tumor type. These general oncologists oversee all types of cancer patients, limiting their ability to treat you on an individualized basis.
● These physicians may oversee significantly more patients and a wide variety of disease types, which lessens their ability to be involved in and have expertise of your cancer.
● They may be not be able to stock the latest medications due to costs, which directly affects their recommendations, often relying on treatments and drugs they have used for years rather than adopting updated ones.
● These oncologists may not have access to the most innovative clinical trials.
● They may not have research coordinators who assist with patient eligibility for clinical trials.
● They may not have the time to research and curate all the latest information and incorporate it into your individual treatment plan.

With Massive Bio, you are our primary focus. You never have to question if you are receiving the latest and greatest care—you always are!

In the last decade, the medical field has made monumental improvements in cancer diagnostics and treatments. However, most cancer centers in the community don’t have the resources, time, and money to adequately adopt these discoveries. Pharmaceutical companies are often unable to find the right patients for clinical trials for new therapies that may more effectively fight cancer, in all its countless forms.

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