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Virtual Tumor Board

  • Massive Bio puts you first. The Virtual Tumor Board provides you with a team of cancer specialists from the world’s largest cancer research centers.
  • Experts gather your medical history to offer a personalized, unbiased expert analysis with recommendations for your cancer treatment.
  • Receive expert assistance and patient advocate guidance throughout the entire journey.

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    Get a Comprehensive Analysis by Top Cancer Specialists

    Offering, convenience, education, personalization and expertise, Massive Bio is prepared to help you fight cancer.

    • Personalized Analysis

      Your VTB physicians review your medical history and make unbiased, expert recommendations on the best course of treatment for your cancer case.

    • No Need to Travel

      During the Coronavirus pandemic, we understand many cancer patients must avoid traveling, which can make it difficult to receive the necessary treatment. Massive Bio's comprehensive case analysis is delivered virtually to the patient within 7 days of receiving medical records.

    • Clinical Coordination

      Based on these recommendations, you then consult with your local physician, and we facilitate the process of implementing these recommendations locally.

    • Continuous Monitoring

      Our team of experts will walk you through the process every step of the way, tracking your progress and making sure you have all of the information and tools you need.


    Why Get A Virtual Tumor Board?

    Our Virtual Tumor Board is composed of specialists from the world’s largest cancer research center. This team of specialists work on gathering and reviewing your medical data to offer expert analysis and recommendations for your personal cancer treatment.

    It is never a bad idea to get a second opinion. You can take the personalized treatment plan recommendation to your local physician and get treatment local to you.

    • Get a personalized treatment plan from a team of physicians.
    • Try a different treatment approach that is unique to your case.
    • Integrated with our SYNERGY-AI, our proprietary Artificial Intelligence clinical trial matching and registry platform.

    We’re here to help

    Massive Bio is committed to creating a world without cancer. Our number one priority is creating positive outcomes for cancer patients.

    Massive Bio was quick and insightful in finding me the best lymphoma treatment option.

    Massive Bio worked in collaboration with my local treating oncologist to analyze my cancer based on my personal cancer treatment information. In one week, Massive Bio's Virtual Tumor Board experts provided valuable insight and an informative medical report to my doctor. Collaboratively, we agreed that the clinical trial Massive Bio identified was the best option to move ahead.

    Gina H.
    Patient – United States

    I have the confidence of knowing that my plan is based on the most current science as it applies to my cancer type.

    My experience with Massive Bio was professional and satisfying. As a stage 4 cancer patient with recurrence of a stomach tumor, I did not have time to lose and needed to quickly get opinions of recognized leaders in the field. The concept of a Virtual Tumor Board with quality doctors and health care professionals was appealing. I was not disappointed when I gave this approach a try. After collecting details about my past diagnosis, treatment and tests, a thorough report was submitted to me and my primary oncologist in days.

    Steve W.
    Patient – United States

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