Find the Right Breast Cancer Clinical Trial

  • There are hundreds of clinical trials that are actively recruiting for breast cancer worldwide.
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Rapid and High Quality Clinical Trial Options

  • Fgfr, fgfr1, fgfr2 mutation breast cancer clinical trials
  • Metastatic, stage 4 breast cancer clinical trials
  • Triple negative breast cancer clinical trials
  • Her2 positive, her2 negative breast cancer clinical trials
  • Braf mutation breast cancer clinical trials

Case Management Team Resolving Enrollment Issues

Just identifying a good clinical trial may be necessary but not sufficient for you to enroll to a promising clinical trial; 75% of the time patients not enroll due to last mile issues. Thus, Massive Bio’s experienced case management team helps you during site selection, escalation of financial issues to the study Sponsor and/or other matters that may limit your enrollment.

No Need to Travel Until You Decide on A Trial

When you are working with Massive Bio, you know if you are eligible or not eligible to a trial before you go to a site and start the enrollment process. This is extremely important because more than 65% of the time you may not be eligible to a trial and Massive Bio informs you about your screening results before you even go to a site.


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