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What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials test new and promising treatments to diagnose, prevent, or treat a disease. Clinical trials can also be used to learn if a new treatment is more effective or has less harmful side effects than the standard treatment.
Why should you work with our team?
AI engineered matching tool makes finding the right trial for you quick and easy
Our clinical research team will find the best available trials near your home and discuss with you and your oncologist the pros and cons of each option.

We work with your local oncologist and cancer care team

Our clinical nurses and doctors will collaborate with your cancer care team to ensure you’re receiving the treatment you deserve.
You don’t need to visit any clinical trial site until your clinical trial eligibility is confirmed.
We handle all the paperwork and logistics associated with enrollment.
We help find transportation options and check your insurance.
Our clinical research nurses have all the information you need to know about clinical trials.
Hear from our Co founder & CEO
Selin Kurnaz on how she struggled to find the right treatment for her uncle and started Massive Bio to help others.
There is a major gap between what pharmaceutical companies are working on right now vs. what cancer patients are getting. Massive Bio is revolutionizing this process.
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They have a really responsive and hard-working team. It’s a great way to explore clinical cancer trials and find alternative treatments.
Massive Bio helped me understand the importance and benefits of clinical trials, then found personalized matches using an AI database and recommended a nearby trial to enroll in. Their customer service was helpful in answering any questions about the services and process.
My father used the Virtual Tumor Board to get another treatment recommendation. The report was detailed, and the staff answered all our questions. I definitely recommend their services.
I have recommended this to colleagues for patients that could benefit from clinical trials or have exhausted their treatment options and need a second opinion. Massive Bio’s team puts great minds together to find better solutions for patients that might think they have none left.
Massive Bio’s team is amazing. They work tirelessly to help patients and providers. This company truly cares about the work they are doing and the care they are delivering.
   People's stories    
Pancreatic Cancer Patient
“Massive Bio has gone above and beyond to connect my family with the right care during Covid-19. I really appreciate their staff’s consistent and clear outreach during this process.“
Mylan Tran
Cancer Patient Caregiver
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Pancreatic Cancer Subtypes

Massive Bio specializes in finding clinical trials for pancreatic cancer subtypes. If you have been diagnosed with any of these subtypes, we are well-equipped to help you today. We can still help you if you are unaware of your subtype. We always recommend additional testing to determine your exact diagnosis.
Adenocarcinoma (Ductal Carcinoma)
Acinar Cell Carcinoma
Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Adenosquamous Carcinoma
Colloid Carcinoma
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