Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Clinical Trials

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Clinical Trials

As medical experts and scientists continue to research and test best practices and treatments for NSCLC patients, non-small cell lung cancer clinical trials are a viable treatment option. There are clinical trials available for each stage of NSCLC and the focus is on the evaluation of new drugs, treatments, and prevention methods for current and future NSCLC patients. Non-small cell lung cancer clinical trials are a great option for those who are looking to receive treatments that are not yet available in standard care, with the added benefit of helping others with similar conditions.

Why Should I Consider Joining Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Clinical Trials?

There are many reasons why cancer patients decide to join clinical trials, one of them being that patients receive the most promising alternative treatments available after they have exhausted all standard care options. Other patients also really like the idea of receiving treatment while helping others that may be in similar situations.

Insurance coverage and the costs of clinical trials vary by location. Some programs reimburse expenses incurred from clinical trial participation, while others do not.

One concern patients may have when deciding to join a clinical trial is whether they will receive no treatment by being given a placebo. It is important to know that when clinical trials use placebos, participants are always notified of the possibility. However, most often, clinical trials use either the treatment being studied or the standard of care. Therefore, patients will receive treatment one way or the other.

What Are NSCLC Clinical Trials Designed to Test?

NSCLC clinical trials are designed to research and study new ways to:

  • Treat NSCLC
  • Find and diagnose NSCLC
  • Prevent NSCLC
  • Manage symptoms of NSCLC
  • Manage side effects from the treatment of NSCLC

NSCLC clinical trials are important for the advancement of medical technology and research that will benefit current and future NSCLC patients. They are essential to making progress in the treatment against cancer. Consult with your doctor about clinical trials.


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