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Massive Bio Announces New Payment Plans

Massive Bio Announces New Payment Plans

Now available a payment plan to meet YOUR financial needs. Sign up for one of our cancer treatment services and elect to pay as little as $250/month for 6 months with no interest or penalties charges. This new approach to paying for a much-needed service, offers you and your support team a piece of mind. No worries trying to find the full amount in a short time. We, are on your team, and this is one the ways we can help.

When you sign up for either the oncology precision plan or the immunotherapy plan, you can begin getting help and service the minute you press submit. Our cancer care support team will contact you to begin the journey. In fact, not until after you talk to one of our specialist will the installment plan start. We want to be sure you are signing up for the plan that best meets your needs.

Our care support specialist will contact you once you have signed up. We want you to focus on yourself, and not worry about cost. All we ask is that you or your care giver share as much information as possible regarding your experiences, cancer treatments, etc. The more our specialist learns about you, they can identify the plan that is in your best interest. With your information, they can also start in putting data into algorithms, reach out to specialty oncologist to build your virtual oncology team, contact your treating oncologist and put the process into motion.

The bottom line; we, at Massive Bio, want you to receive the same quality of excellent cancer treatment options without the associated stress of financial worries. You matter first, payment, second.

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