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Living With Myelofibrosis: Supportive Care Series

  • Abdulraheem Yacoub
    Hematology, Medical Oncology

What is myelofibrosis? What are the best ways to treat and manage this rare bone marrow cancer? Get answers to these and other questions from hematologist and oncologist Abdulraheem Yacoub, MD, in a Facebook Live event presented by Massive Bio titled “Living With Myelofibrosis”.   

Dr. Yacoub, who is an associate professor in the division of hematologic malignancies and cellular therapeutics at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Westwood, Kansas, discussed myelofibrosis with Massive Bio patient advocate Syeda Hasan. After explaining the basics of myelofibrosis, which occurs when scar tissue builds up in the bone marrow and disrupts healthy production of blood cells, Dr. Yacoub offered his perspectives and expert opinions on a wide range of issues and concerns that will be of interest to anyone who has myelofibrosis or cares for someone with this condition. Topics include: 

  • What are the common symptoms of myelofibrosis? 
  • How do lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and sleep affect management of myelofibrosis? 
  • Why is it important for patients with myelofibrosis to avoid or limit use of products such as tobacco and alcohol?  
  • How big a role does diet play in controlling symptoms of myelofibrosis?  
  • What types of resources should a patient seek out from his or her healthcare team to help manage myelofibrosis? 
  • What is the recovery like for patients who undergo procedures such as stem cell transplantation or splenectomy?  
  • What can you do to help manage or alleviate side effects of common treatments?  
  • Are new treatments that promote better quality of life for myelofibrosis patients being studied in clinical trials?  
  • Are clinical trials for new myelofibrosis therapies only available for patients in the United States or are they being conducted elsewhere? 

Massive Bio specializes in matching patients with myelofibrosis to clinical trials, which are scientific studies in which researchers evaluate the benefits and safety of cutting-edge treatments. Living With Myelofibrosis will feature a live question-and-answer period at the end, when patients and caregivers can submit any queries they may have about managing this bone marrow disorder via chat. Submit the form below to watch the full event video.  

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