Helping our patients beat cancer is what makes doing what we do worthwhile.

Laura, a 61-year-old woman, was diagnosed with head and neck cancer in 2016. Living in Bermuda but being treated in the US, she had tried 5 different lines of treatment and had completed molecular testing. Nothing was helping successfully treat her cancer. Completely out of options for treatment and not knowing how to help herself, she reached out to Massive Bio.

Using our proprietary Synergy-AI algorithm, we successfully matched Laura to a clinical trial that would offer her a more promising therapy. After the matching, our case managers validated the trial eligibility and then worked with the clinical trial site to facilitate enrollment. This helped Laura not to waste time and receive any surprises when she was ready to enroll to the trial. We guided her through all appropriate next steps, supporting her the entire time. In particular, Kristin, our lead case manager who is responsible with Laura, spoke to her frequently throughout the process to ensure she had everything she needed. We followed up afterward and continued to update her progress.



“Cancer is a word that everyone cringes at. You need services like Massive Bio to keep hope.”

Cancer is a word that everyone cringes at. You need services like Massive Bio to keep hope and possible alternatives when doors seem to close. The amount of education is phenomenal, and the staff was very compassionate. I would recommend the services for those seeking that alternative to “Standardized treatment”, not everyone can handle them.
Rating: 1 stars
Cindy O.
Patient – United States of America – September 2020
"I've been working hard to find a clinical trial that I may fit into. It has not been easy”

With my recent progession on Lorlatinib, I've been working hard to find a clinical trial that I may fit into. It has not been easy. I am so lucky that recently, I talked to a company that helps people like me. If you register, they will connect you with a clinical trial-even if you don't have progression.
Rating: 1 stars
Gina H.
Patient – United States of America – June 2020
“The initial report and clinical trial recommendations was excellent.”

So far, my experience with Massive Bio has been very positive. My initial interaction with Eric was informative and he provide me with the proper forms to be completed. The initial report and clinical trial recommendations was excellent. The report provided a details summary of my complete cancer medical history including test results, chemotherapy treatments (which revealed an error in the history on file at one medical institution), and procedures. My follow up conversation with Kristin Johnston was professional, informative and educational. She spent a lot of time with me reviewing the clinical trial options, answering my questions on my current chemotherapy treatment regiment, and was proactive regarding follow up and next steps. I look forward to working with Massive Bio on my current cancer journey and hope that they can assist me with combatting and winning this battle.Best partner for cancer.
Rating: 1 stars
Michael L.
Patient – United States of America – January 2019
"I have the confidence of knowing that my plan is based on the most current science as it applies to my cancer type."

My experience with Massive Bio was professional and satisfying. As a stage 4 cancer patient seeking a second opinion and treatment plan due to recurrence of a stomach tumor, I did not have time to lose negotiating the customary hurdles of my HMO insurance plan. I needed to quickly get opinions of recognized leaders in the field. The concept of a Virtual Tumor Board with quality doctors and health care professionals affiliated with Massive Bio was appealing. I was convinced this approach was worth a try...and I was not disappointed. After meticulously collecting details about past diagnoses, treatments, and tests, a thorough report was submitted to both me and my primary oncologist within days. The treatment plan prioritized strategies and reviewed clinical trials appropriate to my case. The plan was so thorough, well conceptualized, and clearly written that my oncologist and I had only a few questions. Those that we did raise were answered quickly and concisely.
Rating: 1 stars
Steve W.
Patient - United States of America - March 2018
"Massive Bio was quick and insightful in finding me the best clinical trial option."

Massive Bio worked in collaboration with my local treating oncologist to analyze my carcinoma based on my personal cancer treatment information. In one week, Massive Bio's Virtual Tumor Board experts provided valuable insight and an informative medical report to my doctor. Collaboratively, we agreed that the clinical trial Massive Bio identified was the best option to move ahead.
Rating: 1 stars
Kelly R.
Patient - United States of America - February 2017

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