Massive Bio, Your Ally in Fight Against Cancer.

Massive Bio collects and curates the latest scientific knowledge in genomics of cancer, connects with your clinical information and supports you and your treating oncologist to incorporate all new discoveries in your treatment plan.

Serviced thousands of patients within 50 countries.

We provide access to subject matter experts from 25 NCI designated centers in the US without any need to travel.

Cleveland Clinic Cancer Treatment

Emory Cancer Treatment

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Childhood Cancer Treatment

What Our Patients Say...

"I have the confidence of knowing that my plan is based on most current science as it applies to my cancer type. The concept of a Virtual Tumor Board and the quality of doctors and healthcare professionals affiliated with Massive Bio convinced me that this approach was worth a try. And, I was not disappointed."

Steve W., U.S.A., March 2018

Join SYNERGY-AI: Artificial Intelligence Based Precision Oncology Clinical Trial Matching and Registry sponsored by Massive Bio
Massive Bio and Philips HealthWorks Journey
Massive Bio Article in Annals of Oncology was ranked at to 7%

Costs and Time Comparison for a Personalized Cancer Treatment Plan

Massive Bio

$1,500 within 1 week
  • Obtain access to a minimum of 3 oncologists
  • Participate in remote collaboration and support from Cancer Care Specialist
  • Receive transparent explanation from Massive Bio and treating oncologist
  • Experience short wait-time to consult with an oncologist, and understand treatment and clinical trial options

*Massive Bio’s cost for international patients is $2,000 USD.


3 Large Cancer Centers

$15,500 between 2 – 7 weeks
  • Total of 3 in-person visits with an oncologist at three different large cancer centers in the United States
  • Minimal guidance from specialists and providers about treatment option
  • Additional travel and accommodation expenses
  • Extensive wait-time for appointments, consultations and results


Massive Bio Cancer Treatment Advisory Services

Virtual Tumor Board
Virtual Tumor Board
  • Data collection and curation
  • Recommendations development
  • Expert panel review
  • Pdf report and user interface
Curated Knowledgebase
Curated Knowledge base
  • Case history, treatment plan
  • Patient reported outcomes
  • Cost considerations
  • Machine learning technology

Our Technology and Impact

Massive Bio is at the forefront of creating the science and technology to democratize access in precision oncology.


  • First clinical trials approved to identify, match and pre-screen patients to clinical trials.
  • Record breaking review of more than 1000 clinical and genomic parameter.

Published in

Precision Oncology Expertise to Treatment Plan

  • Up to 40% in clinical trials enrollments
  • Almost 2x the survival rate
  • Nearly 88% cost reduction

Published in Annals of Oncology

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