CEO talks at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2019

J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2019

The 37th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference kicked off on January 7th as investors listened to an endless amount of presentations from some of the premiere biotech and healthcare companies. Ranging from startups to large corporations, nearly all sectors of the industry were represented at the conference. During this gathering of healthcare powerhouses in San Francisco, nearly 10% of healthcare industry spending was represented with a combined $300 Billion being represented. Surely, an event of this magnitude was bound to lay way to some groundbreaking insight to the direction that healthcare is moving.

A common theme among the presenters and companies present was the clear shift away from traditional healthcare models. Now, instead of building large facilities all over the country, healthcare providers are beginning to leverage their platforms around communities. So instead of creating a channel for patients to come to them, they are going directly to patients. The 9,000 people in attendance for the healthcare conference gained insight on how providers are using their sheer amount of resources and notoriety to embed themselves all around the country to attract widespread attention. Up until a few years ago when artificial intelligence and big data emerged into the healthcare industry, that attention was originally gained by providing care for patients, typically in local areas. Utilizing valuable medical information to attract patients is something Massive Bio is already familiar with. We have been able to gather all of our medical insights in healthcare and specifically oncology to provide patients with the ability to have access to some of the best treatment options and resources anywhere in the country regardless of their location. The conference made one thing abundantly clear, becoming a hub for patients instead of just a product is necessary for survival in the future of healthcare.

Massive Bio was honored as a startup to be among some of the biggest names of the industry including CVS Health, Boston Children’s Hospital, Optum, and Celgene. It was flattering to see large names like these and others recognize the trends in the cancer care that Massive Bio has embraced. On Wednesday, January 7th, our Co-founder and CEO, Selin Kurnaz was directly involved in the lunchtime seminar with other “digital health pioneers”. Some of these presenters also included AVIA Health Chief of Staff, Peggy Baxter and Elia Stupka, Chief Analytics Officer at Health Catalyst. These individuals presented their journeys and obstacles with new and innovative products that are trying to disrupt the traditional healthcare industry. Selin had the opportunity to be able to share how our Virtual Tumor Board and Clinical Trial Matching Services are defining Massive Bio as a hub for patients to seek out the latest and most innovative options in oncology treatment. The 37th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference was a great way for Massive Bio to gain exposure to other healthcare providers and how we are unique within this industry. We truly hope to be back next year to provide updates on our growth and accomplishments along with finding out the latest in healthcare trends.

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