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CEO Selin Kurnaz Joins Nasdaq #TradeTalks

On Tuesday, September 15th, Massive Bio CEO Selin Kurnaz joined Jill Malandrino in Nasdaq’s live broadcast video series titled #TradeTalks: Connecting Cancer Patients and Their Treating Oncologists to Clinical Trials Through AI.

“TradeTalks broadcasts live from MarketSite in Time Square, the historic Philadelphia Trading Floor and Global Industry Conferences and Events. Featuring conversations with top industry thought leaders on trends, news and education.”

The 10-minute conversation introduced how Selin Kurnaz started Massive Bio due to the personal frustrations seen in the cancer care industry after a family member was diagnosed with cancer.

Selin described Massive Bio’s ultimate goal as “Massive Bio is on a mission to enable cancer patients the access to clinical trials regardless of your location or financial stability.”

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