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How do we help cancer patients with FGFR aberrations?

Our initial cancer treatment consultation as well as our clinical trial matching service is free for patients with FGFR. Our patient advocates work closely with patients to gather information on their current medical status, and then will provide a list of options from available cancer clinical trials close to your home.

We can also provide a comprehensive case analysis through our Virtual Tumor Board from cancer specialists. The Virtual Tumor Board (VTB) is comprised of highly specialized oncologists from nationally-recognized Cancer Centers of Excellence. In just 7-10 days after receiving your medical records, we can get you a treatment plan without having to travel far distances and use your valuable time.

Clinical Trials

There are approximately 83 cancer clinical trials that are currently recruiting patients with FGFR amplifications in the United States right now. With such an extensive list, many of them could be beneficial for you. Our team of patient advocates, who are oncology nurses, and our artificial intelligence based Clinical Trial Matching System will find the best option for you.

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