Precision Oncology Clinical Trial Matching and Registry



Massive Bio’s Artificial Intelligence-based precision clinical trial matching tool, paired with a global SYNERGY-AI registry, was developed to provide simple and affordable access to cancer patients treated at community-based oncology practices. Using a proprietary application programming interface (API) linked to existing electronic health records (EHR) platforms, individual clinical data is extracted, analyzed and matched to a parametric database of existing institutional and non-institutional clinical trials. Machine learning algorithms allow for optimized matching based on clinical trial allocation and availability.

The SYNERGY-AI registry is the first of its kind to combine Artificial Intelligence, genomic biomarkers and and multi-variate analysis to accelerate clinical trial matching and promote access to promising cancer therapies. This registry will assess its clinical impact on world-wide patients with advanced cancer to facilitate clinical trial enrollment (CTE), as well as financial impact. The registry is part of Massive Bio’s clinical trial matching system and is aimed to optimize clinical trial enrollment while reducing costs.

Massive Bio’s clinical trial matching customers are Contract Research Organizations (CROs), pharmaceutical companies and diagnostics labs. Massive Bio’s clinical trial enrollment rate is 4x greater than national standards because of its AI based algorithms, granular review of inclusion/exclusion criteria, education of patient and oncologist and expert driven customer support.