No one should have to take on cancer alone.

When you do, you’re at the mercy of one institution and its limitations. You need a team that draws expertise from every possible place and person to give you the confidence you want in your treatment plan. This is what Massive Bio is all about.

We founded Massive Bio because of our own personal experiences with loved ones battling cancer within the broken healthcare system. We believe every person—no matter where you live or what you do or how much income you earn—deserves the best chance to receive world-class healthcare options in order to survive and thrive.

When our loved one was diagnosed with cancer, not knowing where to turn or how to best help, one fact became clear: there wasn’t one place to which to turn to learn about all of the treatment options available! We set out to create a platform where a patient can gain access to all of their options in a single place… This is Massive Bio.

We created SYNERGY AI, a powerful learning engine, that identifies clinical trial options for patients from institutions across the world and helps patients choose which trials, if any, would best support their cancer treatment.

For patients who were not candidates for clinical trials, the 4 founders pulled together a vast network of physicians, diagnosticians, and clinical sub-specialists from 25 of the most respected cancer research and treatment facilities in the US. From this list of experts, they decided to form a Virtual Tumor Board for each new patient, working together to formulate a new care plan that recommends the best testing and treatment options, from all over the globe. This plan is presented to patients, like yourself, and your local care team to facilitate your chosen care plan locally. We are devoted to giving cancer patients the most innovative treatment recommendations in a stress-free, accessible way, while limiting the time away from your families and incurring additional costs.

Today, Massive Bio brings the best of two worlds together: top oncologists from around the world and cancer patients who are seeking the best in treatment, while not sacrificing care quality or enduring the burden of travel and additional costs.

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